Supporting a Broadcasting Company With a Native App for Their Mobile-first Audience
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Supporting an international broadcast company with their mobile app development

An international broadcasting company was fighting for market share with online streaming competitors like Netflix, Prime & Disney+.

To stay ahead, the company set a strategic vision to improve mobile interaction with customers, aiming to reduce reliance on costly call centres by improving their mobile app functionality.

The company had recently transitioned its iOS and Android apps from complex native code bases to React Native. However, the migration brought bugs and stability issues post-launch. The core team's primary focus was on improving app stability rather than improving user experience.


Doza Consulting supported the development of the mobile app by providing business-focused, skilled Technology Consultants who contributed to:

Development of new features
  • The addition of a security dashboard where users could control the Wi-Fi settings for their household.
  • Security notifications of suspicious activity on customers home networks.
Reducing Common Call Centre Queries
  • To ease the number of customers calling to understand their first bill, we implemented a section that explains the bill. - Using a data analytics platform, we identified customers in the early stages of their contract and presented an 'understanding your bill' tile to them, resulting in cost savings by diverting calls from an expensive call centre.
Monitoring and Alerting
  • Creating crash reporting, alerting, and monitoring dashboards, helping identify issues currently affecting users and any new issues introduced with subsequent releases. This also assisted in prioritising issues based on their business impact and the number of customers affected.
Reduced Call Centre Throughput
  • By addressing common queries within the app, the company observed a notable decrease in call centre interactions, translating into substantial operational cost savings.
Increased User Engagement
  • New features and improved stability led to longer app sessions among users, reflecting enhanced satisfaction and increased app functionality.
Enhanced Release Management
  • With robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms in place, app releases became more frequent, closely monitored, and less prone to risks or performance issues.